Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Monday, 5 Aug 2013. 
This day marks the day of Team Delta's victory. Being the group to score the lowest scores last term, we were disappointed and demoralised in our work. nevertheless, we were so damn determined to rise again. We may not be the ones going to Minnesota next month, but to us, we are the victors in our hearts. 

this team has gone through some crazy shit, through thick and thin, through sweat and tears. we had communication and trust issues from the trauma in term 1, but what we did was to throw them aside, talk it out and embrace this team as it is. 

for our presentation, we donned the colour pink as our team colour as it represents what Team Delta is the most. unconditional love and sacrifice. (which was done because our EIE colour theme was pink/ peach haha) 

some things about the presentation I would never want to forget: 
1. Christine was playing candy crush during our EIE simulation video (lolcakes what hello respect the presenters?????)

2. Ms Lam and Mr Aznan enjoyed our BDPRO presentation so much and Ms Lam even almost teared during the User Journey animation!!!!!!!!!! all our hard work really paid off, from starting way early in the term (even from during the hols) and working consistently and being so on task during this whole journey. all the extra Saturdays spent in school was worth it, when we were the only team done with slides, reports and documentation at least 4-5 days before our actual presentation. 

3. our mannequin's arm broke and fell off right before our presentation hahaha

overall, I'm so glad to be in this team. such strong new bonds were forged and its something I would never want to give up. I love these people so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

(ps. I love how we call ourselves D Prides IT IS SO CUTE)


(so proud of my first attempt at illustrator in creating a logo hehe)

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