Saturday, 3 August 2013

3 August 2013
the worst kind of tiredness isn't having no time to complete your work.

 it's being so busy and tired that you don't know how it is to feel tired anymore. 


6 August 2013
what does it mean to wake up thinking of something you fell asleep thinking?

does it mean it you have a pause/ play button in your brain? or to think of it into it subconsious? or that it never left you at all?


13 August 2013
"All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time."

"Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to."

"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it on to someone else."

5 people you meet in heaven. 
This book is so inspiring, it's gonna change the way i think, the way i live.


26 August 2013
"Falling means trusting someone enough to catch you." - tc

falling for you.

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