Sunday, 11 August 2013

the past half week

basically after my presentations on Monday and Tuesday, I had nothing else to do. except my meta map. but that was it.


my MIR group!!!! so glad we were done with our report and slides so fast while managing w BDPRO & EIE, and were much faster in comparison w the other groups!



hi meet the dog in my life. I love this dog so much woof woof woof. she's probably the only one who would put up with my nonsense AND be equally nonsensical (or worse). other friends would just put up with my crap and leave it as it is haha

after that it was impromptu 'clean the studio' day!!! worked our asses cleaning studio 1 and I hope it'll be as clean as it is now in the future. kudos to jem, jiajun, andrey, amos, gene, yilu, cheowyi, keith, mitch, yejun, yiwen, yanqing, Ivan (and myself hehe) for playing a part in making the studio spick and span again!!


spent the whole day today out w my family and godparents' family at marina barrage kite flying!! 

we didn't manage to get our $8.50 kite to fly fml. damn bad quality (from skp somemore ok) and it had holes in the kite in the first hour of trying to get it to fly. 

flew them in the evening and at night and we basically came to a conclusion that we should just fly at night when there's lots of wind cos the wind conditions are good and there are lesser people. 

oh and we should try flying $3 kites instead. first. 

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