Tuesday, 3 September 2013

photo flood

(heads up, this is gonna be a long long post filled with pics)

18 August 

met up with gene to study (study) fam at sentosa cove cos we wanted to catch before you exit's gig at sentosa! i swear both of us wanted to study but the place was soooooo comfortable. we had a couch thingy all to ourselves with pillows and sigh it was so nice. we had to pay $8 for a glass of fruit juice each though (most expensive glass of my life) cos we were at the hotel lobby and had to order something in order to occupy that space haha. i think we managed to finish reading all the chapters we were required to study.......... then we gave up and went for lunch/ dinner. 

after that we met up with gene's concert buddy, alicia to watch them! such a sweet girl awww.
BYE's concert was fully sponsored by the colour run, and we didn't have to pay to watch them, it was more of a after-run party celebration for the participants. looking at these people have fun running made me want to run as well sigh but we were too late for that :(

actually to be honest i didn't know who BYE was until the night before when gene was spazzing to me about how cute they are (ok la conner and riley's really cute) and made me go listen to their songs. i listened to like one original song. one. and after that the whole time at the concert i was just like ok (cos we were kinda openly judging the 13/14 year old fangirls screaming their heads off for the band like they could give their entire soul to them wtf) and so apparently that concert wasn't a concert. i haven't lost my concert virginity yet.

23 August

sent my films in for development (3 rolls) while out shooting on my new diana mini and shan's diana f+! collected my films on the day itself and here above ^ are some of my favs :) oh and they also follow chronological order from the day of the filming for orange day's first teaser till today. only that i couldn't send my roll in the diana mini in yet cos i still had quite a number of exposures left.

spent quality time with shan, from phototaking to talking about crap to talking from our hearts <3 we literally sat at ah loy thai (AMAZING THAI FOOD) for 3 hours straight talking and waiting to collect our negatives haha

collage of the people shots from my films! <3

aaaaand after a long day walking under the sun, me leading the yolo life got my ass to join the rest at mbs for some yolo! alcohol................. sigh. 

24 August
continuation of yesterday! woke up to this amazing view from the hotel room cos i was simply too tired to get my ass to the infinity pool at 6am with the others. but good enough :)

andrey and jem got breakfast for us heh heh heh heh SO NOMS
(sorry yiwen the focus here is matt. hahahahhahahahahhah so sorrow)

after we left, a few of us actually had the energy to go to astons nearby to have lunch. such pigs we all are.

26 August
exams were long over for three of us, but deb ended her exams today!!!!!!! so we finally met up. the four of us. together. in like about half a year??? i missed them so much :')

i was laughing at lys for donning a hobo style today (she wore a maxi skirt and had a flower in her hair), then after this picture we casually commented on how even tho she was a hobo we were kinda living the taitai life, sipping on our drinks at starbucks hahahaha. 

got my frappuccino customised with my free drink on my sb card! tried a cup of green tea cream with hazelnut soy syrup and java chip. wished i had a pic of it up here but i'm too lazy to find it to upload lol but it was good

we had plans to have a picnic at marina barrage but because it was raining so heavily, change of plans brought us to vivo where we had to make use of our picnic mats by having macs outside on the wooden planks. on top of the mats. we are really quite ridiculous (oh i broke my h&m record too - 3 stores, 1 day.)

30 August

we met again before lys flew off to xiamen for 5 weeks (:((((((() sometimes i think about my farmies so much and eventually came to a conclusion that i probably couldn't survive without them. what would i ever do without them........

we went to habitat coffee at upper thomson road for brunch! their poached eggs omg they are SO SO SO SO GOOD. even though they weren't hot enough but omg so good.
^ the shrooms

after that, being the pig us we went for ice cream at a store down the road (i forgot the name of the store). here we have caramel (left) and sea-salt chocolate (right). and knowing us, after our desert we just went for more shopping and more food. oops. anchorpoint for cheap CO & ikea!!!! i had a hot dog and a cone of ice cream wtf. about 2 hours later we had dinner. i had a bowl of wonton mee. oops.

31 August
went for the kite festival at marina with my parents! nothing much honestly, it was just all kites. well what can i really expect from a kite................. festival...................... and some performances but that was probably all. kinda disappointed though, i expected more interesting kites and fun stuff for the people who came for the festival. 

really wanted to go for the night festival too, but didn't happen cos my parents were too tired from an entire day of activities (they volunteered at willing hearts at 7.30am in the morning, kudos to them). missed the night fest this year but it's ok, there's always next year! :)

1 September

got myself a new pair of running shoes!! it was a bday gift from daddy la but still hehe
thanks to the farmies who kept saying i discriminated other brands of sports shoes cos i kept looking at NB/ Nike (they have really really nice designs as compared to the other brands honestly pls) but eventually settled for a pair of Adidas shoes - also cos Nike didn't have my size for a pair that i really liked tsk.

got myself to run at least 3.5km, at the park behind my place! quite an achievement. i don't know if its psychological or not but the shoes made me feel like i could fly. like i actually wanted to run. LOL WOW

(its 3 Sept and my thighs still hurt like crap) 

2 September

woke up at 5am just to send lys off at the airport!!! the things i do for my friends............. sometimes they leave me speechless.

and it was also a morning filled with surprises. at first we planned that mok wasn't gonna come, so we could surprise lys with a cake before she left and wouldn't be able to celebrate w us. stupid deb didn't wanna stay with me when we reached the place lys was having breakfast at and it was soooooo awkward cos i was facing her mom and i didn't know what to say...........

little did i know that there wasn't only a surprise for lys, there was one for me too :') with deb flying off next week and lys in china, i guess they knew it wasn't gonna be possible to celebrate my birthday together with them, all 4 of us and honestly i wasn't expecting it at all. abit bodoh but i was singing the bday song for lys until i saw mok behind, holding another cake. and in my head it was just like 'why are there two cakes?????' until she told me it was for me hahahaha. 

awww sometimes they can just be so sweet <3

later on in the morning, gene and i met up for brunch at the orange thimble at tiong bahru! it was quite a nice place, and the food was also quite reasonable and good too. (the top pic, beef shepards' pie only cost me $9.90 and it was quite a big portion)

we just spent the remaining half of our morning talking and just being such slugs nua-ing on the couch until she had to go to school (which was when we did some gheryl photography too hehe. on my undeveloped roll.) which was also when i began to sink into my afraid-of-the-future-unsure-of-what-to-do mode again. 

3 September

please stay safe in Xiamen and come back home in one piece okay. hopefully your chinese will improve in 5 weeks time and mok would have someone to communicate with in fluent chinese hahaha.

it's been a long time, 4 years since our friendship evolved from being classmates to this. i will never ever forget what we have together. love you many many <3

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