Tuesday, 10 September 2013

18th. 090913

9 September, my birthday. This year, I turn 18.

Met up with Mitch in the morning to go take some pictures! it was a super impromptu arrangement cos she called me at 12.30am and made plans hahaha. at first we didn't know where we wanted to go, but somehow we ended up going to St. John's island! (YOLO MAX THIS ONE YOLO ISLAND YOLO FERRY)

It was a super big adventure cos we didn't know where Marina South Pier was exactly, so we took a cab (the bus took too long), and the cab driver - he didn't know where he was going either. when we were nearby, he kept insisting that the Cruise Terminal was the Pier (but no it wasn't - i had been to the Pier before, just that it was quite some time back and i forgot). 

We got so frustrated and late that we just got out of the cab even tho we knew it was the freakin wrong place. With 10mins till the ferry left, and a big field to cross - i swear it was filled with mud and dirty water and grass and basically halfway through we realised there wasn't direct access to the entrance of the pier, so we had to backtrack and immerse our feet in the dirt, we just walked all the way there right in time to catch the ferry. well not exactly in time , we missed it by about a minute or so but the nice uncle at the ticketing booth called the ferry back for us awwwwwww

So eventually, we reached St. John's island! This trip turned out to be a full photography day for us haha but it was all worth it. The wind was soooooo nice, the beaches were empty, the sun was out (no rain!), the sand was soft, and we practically had the whole island to ourselves. the only downside was that there wasn't any form of amenities, no food or drinks, and the ferry only arrived and left at TWO timings a day (for weekdays), so if we missed the ferry......... that's it man. Halfway through, we could see the clouds hovering over SG and got so worried that they would come over, but they didn't ;) and from St. John's island we just walked and walked and eventually ended up at Lazurus Island, with even softer sand and crazy waves <3

So we caught the ferry departing St. John's island and found ourselves at Kusu Island, where people usually go during the ninth month of the lunar calender to pray and do cultural stuff. We weren't so interested in the temple there (even tho it looked nice on the outside) so we ended up at......... another beach. But the waters were so clear it was magical sigh

Thank you, Mitch for spending the day with me on our yolo adventure!!!!!!!! <3

After the ferry reached SG, who knew we had to pass our bags through an x-ray scanner????? and we had films for our cameras inside???????? the security people didn't give a shit about our films, so we had to yolo take a risk and put them through the scanner. hopefully they'd turn out fine :'(

Following that, it was too early to meet Gene for dinner so I went to Mitch's workplace with her! Also cos its TCC and i love their drinks. and i'm a member. so all was good...... until! when i asked mitch for the bill, she told me that her senior said that it was on the house, cos she didn't key it in the system. awwwwwww like she was so sweet and totally made my day :') like how could the day get any better right? until i left to meet Gene at HV..........

then i found out that everyone was there :')))))) touched die me. honestly i was only expecting a handful of people, other than gene. but :')))))))))))))))

had EwF for dinner! so. noms. even though they always give so much freakin fries that i can never finish.

after that we went to this cafe for desert! and my surprise ;)

little did i expect to receive such an expensive gift?!?! omg like i could cry. the fujifilm instax 210 camera in some pics above was their gift to me, along side with a really sweet card ;_; all the effort, preparation and time spent for this....... i truly appreciate it. 

gene, thank you so so so much for your gift. it might have been the cheesiest letter & poem ever written to me, but it only goes to show how much and how well she knows me <3

and the chocolate molten cake there............. o.m.g. nuff' said, seriously. SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!!!

i don't think i could ever ask for a better birthday day, gift and the people i have around me.

thank you - mitch, for spending the day with me on our island

thank you - gene, hweeling, jaz, stef, andrey, amos, aaron, yejun, jiajun & jem, for coming and giving me such a wonderful night and the gift (shan & yiwen & all the others who contributed as well)

i love all of you so much :') <3

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