Sunday, 21 July 2013



met up with lys for dinner despite us having both ridiculous schedules! love spending time with this girl even though half of the time is always spent either nua-ing/ shopping/ eating/ doing nothing/ talking crap/ talking/ taking photos of each other/ of us. always.

spent 2 hours nua-ing at coffee bean at hv! tried their birthday cake iceblend and omg it it the jizz. contemplated on having a red velvet cake too but we were going to have dinner anyway so we didn't :(

i wasn't hungry but we still went to ewf............ and i still ordered a main dish......................... and finished it. well. 

top, bag & shoes: h&m; romper: modparade

ootd! received so many comments that i look like a little girl going to school.....................................

kept playing with lys' fisheye lens!!! and also cos i'm addicted to insta videos.

this was in the afternoon during had when we all felt like gangsters. we did a pretty good job, don't you think? 


met up with yue for breakfast!!!!!!! haven't chatted with her in such a long time ever since i stopped going for sunday school, and we finally (!!!!!!) found the time to catch up.

funny how we've known each other for at least 13 years and yet there are still things that we're learning about each other (like how both of us love cheap trills) <3

spent my whole afternoon with delta in school as usual! gave in to temptation to get a starbucks card what am i doing but its all good. starbucks is good. 

met parents for dinner @ chijmes - finally got to try the ribs at hog's breath cafe (which i had been dying to try for the longest time ever)!!!! i would have gotten their dessert too but i was too full, so that would have to wait again :(


and after a whole week of having such sinful food, i decided to get my freaking lazy ass for a run! ok i ran half & walked half, but still an accomplishment considering i haven't exercised in >1 year.

right now my legs feel like jelly and tmr's only gonna get worse but things are gonna get better.

oh and i saw this duck at the park!!!!!! i have no idea why its not in the water but its so cute hahaha.
(turn your volume up for this video)

gonna have to get back to fam :( test on tues and right now, i have no clue what's going on.

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