Thursday, 18 July 2013

tyler print

visited the Singapore Tyler Print Institute museum today for the Picasso lithography exhibition today with DBID! really interesting (small) space and honestly i thought i wouldn't be as immersed in Picasso's work as i thought i would be. maybe also partly because recently i visited Changi Chapel & Museum and omg it. was. so. boring. (but well, that's history too so ya............. art. <3)

one quote that stuck with me even after the tour: 
"To me, a picture has always been a sum total of destructions." - Pablo Picasso

its interesting to know how Picasso sees art. from the construction of the picture of the 2 naked women to the  (deconstruction) bull he 'stripped' of itself and keeping the essence of the picture there even though it might be bare. 

yiwen and I drew each other for one of the activities in the activity book they gave us haha! the top one is my drawing of yiwen and the bottom, her drawing of me. 

(evidently, I improved in my drawing skills cough) (art)

after that headed to astons with the gang for dinner!!! fat die me had so much to eat today wtf. prawn mee for brunch, mac & cheese for lunch (2hrs later), astons for dinner and aunt annie's after. was still contemplating to get ice cream milk tea or not but no I can't give in to temptation no

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