Monday, 26 August 2013

if i were to do a 20 facts...

1. i spent 10 years in an all girls' school, been through lots of drama and found the 3 other girls whom up to this day, remain as an important part of my life.

2. joined #dbid in poly (honestly no regrets) and found myself immersed in our own dbid culture, in this family.

3. i'm obsessed with colours. hues. shades. you name it, you get it. except i haven't gotten so obsessed that i memorise #ffffff codes. not yet at least.

4. photography's a big part of my life. i absolutely love it and i wouldn't give it up for anything. especially film photography/ lomography. people say this hobby will die fast and its a waste of my time but honestly no. i'm sticking and clinging on to what i love.

5. i got my first film camera in jul 2012. it was a diy plastic recesky film camera. my second camera onwards were all from Lomography, the La Sardina. followed by that, i got two 110 cameras from Lomography - Diana baby and Fisheye baby. my most recent purchase was the Diana Mini and my next camera i wanna get is the LC-A+

6. i've spent close to $1000 on camera (& film) expenses

7. i can play the piano and the harp. used to want to learn how to play the cello & guitar but never got around to learning them

8. i knew how to play the harp cos it was my cca in secondary school. harp ensemble had been a very big part of my sec sch life and the people in this cca made me understand for the first time how a group of strangers could bond together so well and fit in like a family. especially through tough times, i experienced this twice for the 2 syfs i participated in with two different groups of people.

9. my drawing skills are one of a kind, anyone who has seen my drawings know that i'm a very abstract and impressionistic artist.

10. foodie at heart but my stomach can't hold much. weak spots include japanese food and dimsum. oh thai food too.

11. started a blogshop selling handmade friendship bracelets in june 2012 with gene. lasted for 1-2 months before it remained stagnant. nevertheless, its still one of the most memorable experiences ever x

12. i have the most jiao face when i'm in awkward situations and with people i'm not comfortable with. i simply shut myself out from the world and not give a shit (while people see my jiao face duh)

13. never a morning person, never will be. i've gone to school feeling like crap, slept standing on the train and attended lessons while having a 'don't mess with me or talk to me because i swear i will cut your head and limbs off' face. usually this wears off at 10/11am and only occurs when i have to wake up at 6am for class fml

14. i am horrible at 'normal' imitations (american/ british/ malay/ indian/ etc) but i imitate youtubers quite well. (cutepolish/ kurt tay/ steven lim ----- bad influence but wtv yolo) and leticia from the noose too.

15. i always overthink and it always (somehow) manages to get to me

16. never really liked the typical sappy english romance movies. as boyish as it may seem, i freaking love action movies (marvel series/ x-men/ transformers/ battleship etc)

17. big soft spot for cheap trills. won't resist buying things at a low cost cos i know i won't be able to find it again

18. never ever ever ever liked exercising. i hated pe.

19. love travelling the world and exploring new places especially if i can capture it all on camera

20. can't remember lyrics to songs for shit. my friends call it #wronglyricscheryl

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