Thursday, 25 July 2013

lomography update

Lomography: Diana Mini Leopard 

Lomography had a 'super sample sale' selling cameras for $60-$90 this week! They had a range of cameras on sale: the diana f+, diana mini, diana pinhole, fisheye no.2, la sardina + the lomokino!

Its super worth it (even tho they were camera which were on display - but its still at least 50% off the original price) and there are no regrets getting this!!!! I contemplated between this and the la sardina the first time i got my first lomography camera. Decided on the la sardina instead but eventually the Diana Mini became mine ;)

Shan and mitch came with me to the store on wednesday and we took some instax pics! It was on 'sale' at the store - one for $1 (which was about the usual you would pay for one piece normally). Kinda got shan to get a diana f+ cos she could use the diana f+ instant adaptor with her camera (she loves instant film) and i'm glad more and more people are starting to love analog photography <3

 Lomography: Diana F+ Qing Hua 

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