Friday, 12 July 2013

firsts are always beginnings

i decided to start a blog again today. it occurred to me that i wanted something to keep track of what i felt, what my goals are, what happens everyday among my busy life and just something to hold on to before i could lose it all. its never too late for beginnings, isn't it?

impromptu floral day with DBID on monday! loads of class 1 people > class 2 in florals but honestly it doesn't even matter anymore. it used to be so distinct a year ago but now we're like one big family. 

dinner with da bomb at dhoby after SIR global finals on Tuesday. got results on Wednesday and well...... fate wasn't on our side. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that we didn't make it but its ok. technically, we still topped in SG and what's most important is the support we had from DBID throughout this period of time and being understanding when we had to leave our proj groups for a period of time to do this. thank you guys ❤

i need to stop being so forgetful also omg. since when did my mind become like this?! on monday i left my phone in the studio and thankfully i realised it when we went for dinner (was still in SP so that was ok), and on tuesday i left my ipod in the studio and only realised it otw to HP for SIR globals. aku maciam bodoh pe tak boleh tahan!!!!!!! in the end i had to go to mitch's place (its nearby so it v bad) BUT STILL. IT WAS 10PM. so sorry mitch and thank you <3 but then again everytime i misplace my ipod i always find a vid that she'd dedicate to me in my ipod haha maybe i should do it more often ;) 

class phototaking on wednesday! say hi to hajibake and my pinoy siztur ;) was feeling like crap in the afternoon cos i fell sick and had a horrible sore throat and blocked nose ugh. but towards the end of the day stef did this thing that i still can't get out of my head hahahahaha and also i lost my sanity for like 30 mins and just went crazy. people say i'm drunk but no i was perfectly sober.

(crds to jaz)

had a mini photoshoot with shan and gene on Thursday! we were actually helping to get one shot for an Instagram competiton Shan was participating in, but who knew, we ended up with over a 100 shots! (also spot gheryl in stripes. totally uncoordinated and we look like sisters hehe. gheryl july for you!!!) 

check out for more ;) 

series of photos taken w jiajun during HAD today just because we can. also because HAD. we HAD the time.

also i chanced upon this song on youtube yesterday. it's been on replay ever since.

and some way all the love we had can be saved; whatever it takes we'll find a way. // to love you more

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